Leisure and sports at the lake

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Relax on fine sandy beaches or on the sunbathing lawns at Lake Senftenberg. The constantly monitored, excellent bathing water quality invites you to cool bathing fun. You can find more information about the beaches here.

The following beaches are available to you:

  • Seestrand Buchwalde
  • Seestrand Großkoschen
  • Seestrand Niemtsch
  • Seestrand Senftenberg
  • Seestrand Südsee


There are various parking lots around Lake Senftenberg:

  • Parkhaus am Schlossparkcenter
  • Parkplatz am Familienpark
  • Parkplatz am Seestrand Buchwalde
  • Parkplatz am Seestrand Großkoschen
  • Parkplatz am Seestrand Niemtsch
  • Parkplatz am Stadthafen
  • Parkplatz am Stadthafen / Pier 1
  • Parkplatz Südsee / Niemtsch
  • Parkplatz Südsee / Peickwitz


There are the following public toilets at the lake:

  • Toiletten am Gaumensegel Seestrand Senftenberg
  • Toiletten am Parkplatz Seestrand Buchwalde
  • Toiletten am Parkplatz Seestrand Großkoschen
  • Toiletten am Stadthafen
  • Toiletten am Volleyballplatz Seestrand Buchwalde
  • Toiletten Amphitheater Großkoschen
  • Toiletten Seestrand Niemtsch
  • Toiletten Seestrand Senftenberg
  • Toiletten Seeterrasse Großkoschen
  • Toiletten Südsee Niemtsch
  • Toiletten Südsee Peickwitz

Bicycle path

The cycle path around Lake Senftenberg is 18 kilometers long. Various playgrounds, sights, bathing opportunities and restaurants make the lake tour a special route for families. We recommend the following excursion options:

  • Aussichtsturm zwischen Hafencamp und Südsee
  • Senftenberg marina
  • Schloss und Festung Senftenberg
  • Tierpark Senftenberg
  • Family park with leisure activities
  • Marina camping with boat rental


  • Radrundweg 18 km

Bike rental

The paved circular paths invite you to extensive bike tours in the emerging Lusatian Lake District. Here you can experience the change from a former mining region to a newly created recreation area every day.

If you want to leave your own bikes at home, you can rent some here:

  • expeditours
  • Fahrradverleih Heduschka
  • iba aktiv tours
  • Lausitzer Liegeradverleih
  • Voigt Marine

Boat rental

The Senftenberger See has been classified as navigable water since November 2007 and has been very popular with water hikers ever since. Information on speed limits and possible mooring locations can be found here.

You can rent boats for your adventure on the water at the following locations:

  • expeditours
  • Voigt Marine
  • Wassersportschule Senftenberger See

Piers passenger ship

Enjoy Lake Senftenberg from the water. With the Löwa shipping company, you can take boat trips with the Santa Barbara on Lake Senftenberg and with the solar catamaran to Lake Geierswalde.

  • Fahrgastschiff MS Santa Barbara Start Rundfahrt in Großkoschen
  • Solarkatamaran Aqua Phönix Start Stadthafen Senftenberg

Bathing fun for families

The two water slides directly on Lake Senftenberg and the water sports park on the Großkoschen beach provide cool refreshment and lots of action on hot summer days. And if the weather is a bit too cool, the Fit & Fun adventure pool in Senftenberg will be happy to welcome you.

These attractions can be found at the following locations:

  • Fit & Fun Erlebnisbad Senftenberg
  • Wasserrutsche am Seestrand Buchwalde
  • Wasserrutsche im Familienpark/Großkoschen
  • Wassersportpark am Seestrand Großkoschen


The following playgrounds can be found directly along Lake Senftenberg:

  • Piratenschiff "Bounty"
  • Spielplatz am Seestrand Buchwalde
  • Spielplatz am Seestrand Niemtsch
  • Spielplatz an der Seeterrasse
  • Spur der Steine


The water sports school is located directly on Lake Senftenberg and in the immediate vicinity of Comfort camping in Niemtsch. Here you can take windsurfing and catamaran courses, rent boats and be inspired by the variety of water sports. There is a surf beach at Buchwalde beach.

  • Seestrand Buchwalde
  • Wassersportschule Senftenberger See


Dive down! There is a diving base directly on the South Sea shore area, which is operated by the diving club Dino e.V. With a maximum depth of 18 meters, diving in this area is particularly suitable for beginners.

  • Tauchsportverein "Dino" e. V. Senftenberg
  • Tauchsportverein Senftenberg || e. V.


The Senftenberger See is wonderfully suited for your holiday to experience and discover. We recommend visiting the following sights:

  • Amphitheater
  • Aussichtsturm Südsee
  • Koschener Kanal
  • Stadthafen Senftenberg
  • Stadthafen Senftenberger See Bootsliegeplätze, Fahrgastschiff, Einlassstelle, Eiscafé, Bootsverleih, Touristinfo

Running tracks

The marked running routes are ideal for jogging, Nordic walking or walking along Lake Senftenberg. Choose between the following routes depending on your desire and condition:

  • Laufstrecke Flusslauf
  • Laufstrecke Seelauf

Active fields

You can supplement your running or cycling training with strengthening exercises on our various active fields:

  • Aktivfeld am Aussichtsturm Südsee
  • Aktivfeld am Seestrand Niemtsch
  • Aktivfeld an der Seeterrasse Großkoschen

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